CHANNELLOCK® 908 8.25" Wire Strippers


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The CHANNELLOCK® 908 8.25" Wire Strippers are precision-machined and designed to last against the rigors of everyday use. Includes a precision-ground cutter, screw shears, common stripping hole sizes and a lean nose design for pulling and looping wire. CHANNELLOCK® Wire Strippers are 100% made in USA.

PRECISION cutting edges cleanly cut and strip AWG 10-22 wire
CRIMPER for use on insulated and non-insulated connections and terminals
SCREW SHEARS 10-24, 6-32, 8-32, 10-32, 4-40
COAX Cable crimper
LEAN pliers nose pulls and loops wire
LASER-ETCHED gauge indicators
CHANNELLOCK BLUE® grips for comfort

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