Crosman® Classic 1911 Pistol Kit (BB)


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Get some good ol’ fashioned target practice at home with the Crosman Classic 1911 Pistol Kit, a simple, spring-action BB gun, and target kit. Featuring a realistically sized BB pistol, a framed gel target, and 250 steel BBs, so you can get to plinking right out of the box! With a 200 fps maximum velocity, this little shooter is perfect for backyard or basement shooting. The pistol features a bi-tone black/flat dark earth colorway, Picatinny rail for accessories, golf-grip patterned scales for an extra-secure grip, skeletonized trigger, and ring hammer. Pull the trigger on this handy, little target-practice kit today and maintain your aim at a fraction of the cost of hitting up the range.

Spring powered, single-shot BB pistol
Golf ball grip pattern for added traction
Ring hammer and skeletonized trigger
Picatinny rail for accessory mounting
Kit includes gel target and 250 BBs

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